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About Us....

"The BizTV" is a media source for all things BUSINESS: industry procurements, relevant business topics, federal rulings, capital accessibility, etc.  "The BizTV" is also designed to not only inform, but entertain the audience within a business framework.  The format is unique in that the guest hosts lead the show's business discussion from their respective cities throughout the nation.  Yes, the production team may come to you (office, project site, conference)!* The show will be customized on-location to capture the essence of the discussion: current issues, trends, and insights.  "The BizTV" team has over 25 years of experience.  More importantly, provide access to interested parties to informally interact, support, and learn more about the subject matter discussed. 

            Business "Really" Moments 

Everyone experiences "Really" moments in their business dealings where you've observed a situation that leaves you to question it, "Really?"  Sometimes "Really" moments are thought provoking and can serve as an aid in the development of programs for preventing the issue in the future. Indeed, it can be frustrating at times to experience, but in retrospect it is an entertaining moment.


Is it incompetence, carelessness, or simply uninformed (We don't know what we don't know).  "The BizTV" will entertain you with enacted spoofs of instances of these moments.


We want to include your business "Really" moments in our show.  Please send them to:





* Based upon the availability of production team and coordinated logistics.

                Business "News"


As we travel throughout the country, we want to inform the audience of the latest procurements, promotions, industry trends, and other business related ideas.


"The BizTV" Topics of Interest:


P3s: Public-Private Partnerships

CEO's Forum on Management

Alternative Fuel Options

Small Business & The "M" Factor: Millennials in the Workforce

Access to Capital

Cash is King: Cashflow Modeling

Tactics on How to Do Business Within Commercial Markets


.......And many more​


           Meet the Host


Each show features an invited host to discuss their perspective on "The BizTV" topic of interest.  The host will lead discussion in their prescribed format of choice: Q&A, panel discussion, workshop, interactive, etc. In addition, the host selects the panelist or attendees from a list of interested subscribers to participate in the discussion on the show.  This coordinated effort creates an informal networking opportunity. 


For those not available to appear on the show, there will be an opportunity for logo placement on the broadcast banner.  For more information, please contact:



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